Latec Total Drilling Alignment System

The Most Accurate, Efficient and Economical Angle Drilling Alignment System in the Mining Industry!

Latec’s Total Drilling Alignment System is a portable drill alignment system that uses the latest in technology to easily assist the rock drilling operator to align the drill to compound angles. This product ensures proper angles when drilling which means minimum errors and better results.

The TDA System comes complete with a rugged water-tight case, display box, magnetic laserhead, charger and cables. Simply mount it to your drill and you’re ready to go!

Ideal for:
all types of underground directional drilling


  • faster setups
  • improved drilling accuracy


  • Quick and easy to setup, saving you time
  • Simple to operate
  • Large bright LED display is easy to read for quick setup and dialed in angle
  • Bright visible laser beam helps align angle sensor to the drilling line quickly & efficiently
  • Increased drilling accuracy reduces total drilling costs
  • Strong magnetic mount assembly
  • Rugged design protects the laser’s internal components from the toughest jobsites
  • Rugged water-tight case allows for the system to be completely portable

The AngleMaster TDA system offers the drill operator a portable laser reference angle alignment that providesaccurate indication of the drill boom angles with respect to gravity and Ring Line simultaneously.

The unique magnetic rod mounting allows boom setup without the drill rig having to be perpendicular to the Ring Line. All of this means easier, faster setups as well as improved drilling accuracy.

The laser arm easily attaches and
detaches to the rod via the unique
magnet assembly.

Mount the TDA to the drill. The bright LED display allows the operator to quickly and accurately align the drill.

Once the drilling area is marked, the
operator simply removes the TDA
and can now drill.

The end result is an accurately drilled hole.

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