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Latec Instruments Inc. (Latec) began in 1994 and has been in business for over 25 years. It was started by a small group of investors to operate as a high quality niche designer and manufacturer of laser and machine control systems.

We are an Electronic Design and Manufacturing Company, specializing in laser and inclinometer machine control systems. We focus on various market segments including Agriculture, Construction, Surveying and Recreation. As a specialty niche manufacturer we also seek out customers that have a unique need whereby laser and/or a machine control may solve a problem or provide a solution.

Latec’s product range involves a niche group of specialty laser and machine control solutions for various equipment applications within several market segments; Agriculture, Construction, Drainage and Skating Facilities. It’s main geographic market region is North America, however it has been developing customer sales in India and Australia and we are investigating other regions as well.

The Latec team is dedicated to serving our customers and providing the best possible solutions. Our job as a Technology Leader is to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, weeding out the exceptional from the unproductive to bring you only the best. We can assist you with the latest technology driven productivity tools and provide expert training and advice on the equipment, allowing you to be productive and earn you greater profits. Our Sales Specialists and factory trained Technicians have hundreds of years of combined experience in the construction, surveying, laser and machine control industries. They take pride in finding the solutions for our customers.  

We are a niche oriented manufacturing organization. We offer a strong team made up of great caring people. We offer our customers product solutions, from concept to completion, with a high regard for function, quality and service. We work quickly, but with caution to ensure excellence.

Latec provides electronic and mechanical solutions, specializing in design and manufacturing. Our primary customers require laser and inclinometer machine control systems that are have micro controller embedded software and electrical systems that allow heavy machines to be controlled by gravity or laser references. We will achieve superior levels of financial performance and will provide our stockholders with a secure return on their investment.

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